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I am the photographer for Daisy's Pixels. I help people capture their memories digitally with my camera which stems from my passion for photography. I appreciate every smile, every silly face, and even the candid photos that help tell your story. It pleases me to use my free time now to help families capture their favorite moments. Social media has made it easier for us to take photos for ourselves but often times someone is missing in the photo. Wouldn't you also want to be included in the picture? Included in the snapshot that's captured a treasured memory. Therefore, I encourage you to take some time to sit and smell the flowers as you hold your dear loved ones. Give me a few minutes behind the camera and allow me to take a few shots at captivating the laughter and smiles that make your family whole.

COVID-19 DISCLAIMER: I am fully vaccinated and do wear a mask for our sessions. I do so for my own protection. However, since we are mostly doing outdoor sessions I respect every family's personal choices. Families do not need to be vaccinated or unvaccinated to get their photos taken. However, I do ask that everyone at least wear masks throughout your session. I do sanitize any props between clients. Thank you!

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In the blink of an eye_Just a whisper of smoke_You could lose everything_The truth is you
Sara Daisy Flores
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