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Food:  Breakfast  ~  Lunch  ~  Dinner  ~  Cocktails  ~  Dessert  ~  Baking

Breakfast is served!! _) #Kale #RedPotatoes #Tortillas #EggWhites #Tapatio #yummo
Buenos Dias!! _) El #desayuno de hoy! #mexicana pero saludable! #Kale #Huevos #Tortillas #RedPotatoe
Breakfast from a bit earlier but I had to post because it just takes me back to some interesting chi
Late breakfast of champs! Bcuz it feels so good re-uniting a pup with her family (& btw her name was
Breakfast from earlier today!! My first time ever making #PoachedEggs and I must say it's a yummy al
Late Breakfast_ Egg (OE), Jalapeño, Frijoles, & Dorito's Nacho Cheese chips 🍳🍳🍳 #dayoff #delicios
Saturday Morning with the cuzzos....♡♡♡....might be the last time we make these in my house..
Decided to bring my Prima some lonche today!! Went the healthy route with an ensalada & invented my
Late dinner! #bbqchicken 🍗 #salad with #lemon 🍋 #tomato #cesardressing #chilipepperflakes (not pic
I swear sometimes I even surprise myself though! Haha Got off work and I was _starving_ but didnt wa
Stack 'em up, up, up . . . Stack 'em up, up, up . .
Feta-Grape Tomato and Mushrooms with Shrimp and Chile Pepper flakes! Yumm-o!! _)
This pic is also from 2 weeks ago & I totally want a re-do on this one but for now these pics will d
A Sweet 'n' Sour Chicken 'Date Night' with Ms
Making dinner tonight on my day off
Made dinner for my parents earlier today in honor of my Dad's love of Salmon
Grilled Basil Pesto Salmon ♡♡♡ #lovecooking #mypassion #yumm
Gluten-free Brown Rice
Earlier today I made the chicken for my salad!! So glad I'm staying on track towards my goals
Decided to create a Basil & Walnut Split Pea soup with just a tiny dollop of Herbed Goat Cheese for
My favorite summer treat!!! ♡ #ilovefruit #sandia #sweetpyramids #addlimonandsalt #chiletoo #foodpor
Relaxed day off with mi amiga! ♡ Creating memories & having fun! Plus, it feels really good to have
If you choose to only look at each ingredient of life as dull and boring then that is what you shall
Buenos Dias!!! ♡ Thank you Lord for another beautiful day & for my heritage
Unravel your taste buds with nature's succulent beauties, for it is fruit that makes my heart melt,
_May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow w
It feels soooo good to start cooking again! I know this isn't the healthiest plate but honestly it's
Baked Caramel Apples with a tiny scoop of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and a sizzling drizzle of warm Bran
Jack Daniel's Tennessey Honey Raspberry Lemonade!!! ♡ ♡ ♡ I'm so in love with Jack! 😘 #myfavedrink
Mocha Chocolate Cupcakes with Buttercream frosting & a Tennessey Honey Bourbon Drizzle!!! ♡ Baked th
_Mexican Mocha Whiskey Cupcakes with a Jack Daniel's Honey Drizzle_ - I can finally post this after
Birthday Cupcakes ♡♡♡ #redvelvet #watermelonwrapper _janethorror
Okay last pic..
One of my latest creations_ Oreo Cookie Cream Cheese Brownies!!! ♡♡♡ Made them for my co-workers who
Dia de los Muertos Slutty Brownies!!! 😍❤💀❤💀❤😍 #ilovebaking #madewithlove #gottacomeupwithabetter
Almost forgot to post last night's baked goodies! Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookie Cupcakes and Slutty Bro
Y luego me sorprendio mi Papa con estas ricas #mermeladas (hechas alla en Mexico en la casa) por el
Here is the simple & fun recipe for the _Chocolate Chip-Oreo Cookie-Brownies_
Re-created this 'Chocolate Chip-Oreo Cookie-Brownie' tonight for the premiere of #OnceUponATime with
Late post but I had to post it bcuz for the 1st time I made an entire cake from scratch, all three i
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